Parents are Children's First Teachers

The Office of Early Childhood Education has a webpage titled 'Parents are Children's First Teachers', available here. Quoting from this webpage:

We believe that parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers. Our position is that government policy and early childhood service practices need to ensure that parents are supported and encouraged to play an active part in their child’s learning.  Because what matters for children’s learning outcomes is not just what happens when the child is at the ECE service – but what happens at home.  We cannot afford to under-estimate the influence parents have on children’s early learning. The Early Reading Together® programme is one example of an effective way for ECE services to support parents as first teachers and build a bridge between the home and service setting for children's learning.

More information is available on the Office of Early Childhood Education's Early Reading Together® webpage, such as this excerpt:

Early Reading Together® – Handbook and Kit for Parent Workshops

This programme is very highly recommended to all ECE Services. It is a proven family language/literacy workshop-based programme to support young children in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Posted: Friday 19 May 2023