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Education and Pacific Peoples in New Zealand

Effective partnerships between parents and schools can improve the well-being, behaviour and achievement of children right into adulthood (Biddulph et al., 2003). Many schools are now introducing such partnerships (ERO, 2009). Joint interventions involving parents and teachers together have the biggest impact on outcomes. The best homework practices also have a large effect, but the least effective homework practices, that is, parent 'surveillance' and checking, actually have negative effects (Robinson et al., 2009). For example, at St Joseph's School in Otahuhu, students made huge gains in reading through the Reading Together programme which included parents and teachers as partners in children's learning. A key shift for the parents was sharing, talking and reading together rather than 'correcting' the child (Tuck et al., 2007).

Source: Schooling - Parent involvement in the Pacific Peoples section of the Statistics New Zealand site.

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