Economist Impact Citations relating to Reading Together®

The Learning Ecosystems Framework

"Promoting collaborative and dynamic learning opportunities to achieve positive educational and wellbeing outcomes for young people."

In 2022, a report was published based on the findings of The Learning Ecosystems Framework, developed by Economist Impact (part of The Economist Group). The report and research were commissioned by Jacobs Foundation.

Excerpts follow from The Learning Ecosystems Whitepaper available here:

Home learning environment: There’s no place like home

The home is a child’s first school. The character and features of the home environment - including the quality and security of relationships and the availability of various resources - create the foundations of healthy development, learning, and ongoing levels of wellbeing and happiness. The Learning Ecosystems Framework captures the key enablers of a supportive home environment that foster growth across physical, cognitive, social and emotional developmental pathways to set young people up for success within their academic and personal lives. [Page 25]

Case study 5. Supporting parents to support children

Research has shown positive effects of programmes aimed at developing the literacy of parents on their child’s school performance, language and literacy development.
In another example, from New Zealand, schools and community-based education providers facilitate the Reading Together® and Early Reading Together® workshops for children and their parents. These enable parents to effectively read and talk to their children and develop a strong literacy and language foundation. [Page 27]

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