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The Reading Together® programme consists of four 1¼ hour workshops (spread over seven weeks) for small groups of parents/whānau (no more than 15). The workshops are led by experienced teachers and held in informal settings (such as school libraries) at times which suit the teachers and parents involved. Librarians provide support, where possible.

A summary of the workshops:

Workshop 1

Week 1: How to help with reading at home, including:
» suggestions for helping (explanation, demonstration and discussion)
» using libraries (support and resources)

Workshop 2

Week 2: How to check the difficulty level of reading materials, including:
» finding and using the right material with your child
» helping your child to read suitable material

Workshop 3

Week 3: How to help children overcome problems in their reading, including:
» ideas about how we read and what helps us to read
» more suggestions for helping children

Brock, used in Workshop 4

Workshop 4

Week 7: Sharing ideas about reading, giving feedback and looking ahead

About Us

The Biddulph Group provides professional support and research-based resources for principals, teachers, early childhood educators, librarians, parents/whānau and children.

Our Work

Our work supports the following areas:
» language and literacy education
» mathematics education
» science education


The Reading Together® programme is "the closest thing to a silver bullet we've ever seen", says Manurewa Central School Principal Dr Laurie Thew.

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