Donation of Reading Together® mini-libraries

In late 2013, Learning Media Limited kindly gave Jeanne Biddulph a large variety of children's books, in recognition of the ongoing support which the Biddulph family has provided for New Zealand parents/whānau and schools since the early 1980s.

Jeanne and her family spent several months sorting and compiling these high quality resources into 800+ Reading Together® mini-libraries, each consisting of 20 books ranging from emergent reading levels to 11-12 years. The mini-libraries were donated to families completing the Reading Together® workshops in a small number of schools in 2014, with priority being given to families participating in Reading Together® in some of the Christchurch communities badly affected by the earthquakes. The Ministry of Education Reading Together® Project covered distribution costs and this was appreciated.

School leaders responded very positively to the offer of Reading Together® mini-libraries. For example:

Jeanne thank you so much for the mini libraries. They are fabulous and the parents will love them and appreciate them. ...
I have been meaning to email you about the mini libraries to say just how much our families LOVED them.

Wow Chris - what wonderful libraries you dropped off! Just really wanted to say thank you to you and Jeanne for the great books, I'm sure our families will put them to good use after their workshops.

Wow what a wonderful opportunity for our families. We would simply love to receive mini libraries. Having discussed with some of the families that have been into school this week they see this mini library as the beginning of a larger library that can be added to. Depending on the level of books they would be used to read to their family or have their Tamariki read to them. This would be a wonderful incentive to get families to attend our evening!! Thank you so much. ... This is greatly appreciated and the libraries will be treasured by our students.

Thank you very much. The mini-libraries are wonderful and arrived in time for our final session. Much appreciated.

A response from a parent who received a Reading Together® mini-library:

Since completing the course I have noticed my son is more confident in his reading and has also started voluntarily reading more often at home. The bonus of receiving the book pack was also a huge incentive, there was an excellent range of quality books to suit both my youngest and oldest child's level of reading. I have recommended this course to other parents with children at the school. Thank you.
An example of a Reading Together® mini-libraryAn example of a Reading Together® mini-library Label on Reading Together® mini-library Label on Reading Together® mini-library