New Zealand Citations relating to Reading Together®

Reading Together®

Centre stage for the Reading Together® programme is building the capacity and capability of parents/whānau to add huge value to children's enjoyment of reading, reading for learning and engagement in learning. Building children's confidence and joy in reading and learning becomes a shared task between the parent/whānau, child, community-based provider, school and classroom teacher. There is strong evidence from the Reading Together® research that Reading Together® builds a strong and enduring partnership between the school and parents/whānau. Experience in the field shows that this also happens when workshops take place in different community settings.  Subsequent support for the school and engagement with the school by the participant parents/whānau is considerably strengthened. This includes parents/whānau who previously had minimal or no engagement with the school. Schools that have embedded the Reading Together® programme in their practice cite this as one of the most valued outcomes.

Source/Note: The Reading Together® Project is a collaboration between the NZ Ministry of Education, schools, community libraries and the National Library. Learn More