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NOTE: The Parenting Hub - Waimate Family Centre is based in a room at Waimate Main School. Organisations involved include: Waimate Kindergarten Association, Waimate Childcare Centre, Waimate Main School, Waimate District Library and Plunket.

Feedback from parents included:

What's one thing you will take away from this Early Reading Together® course?

Importance of associating things in a book, back to experiences children have had.
Importance of regular reading which forms the foundations for when a child begins school.
Expanding and connecting books with real life.
Reminder to keep it fun and how hard it is for wee ones.
The motivation to just read! Even just one book.

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Was a great course.

Feedback from Jane Denley, Community Services Leader, Mid & South Canterbury Plunket:

I have submitted a small write up about how we have enjoyed delivering your programme, how we have had fantastic support from the Early Childhood centres to do this and the very positive feedback we have received from the families that have completed the programme, for our Plunket e-connections magazine which is circulated throughout the country to staff and volunteers.

I hope this will generate some interest from my peers and others and encourage them to learn more about your fantastic resource.

SOURCE: Email to Jeanne Biddulph from Jane Denley in Oct 2014.

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