Early Reading Together® at Paraone Kindergarten

An excerpt from Page 16 of the Central Kids Annual Report 2022:

Early Reading Together® programme at Paraone Kindergarten

Early Reading Together® workshops empower whānau to support language and literacy development for ngā tamariki at home.

The Paraone Kindergarten team found the programme has deepened their relationships with the tamariki and whānau who participate. The tamariki have a love of being read to, and are often found reading to themselves or their friends. After participating in the programme, tamariki also began to take better care of pukapuka, treating them as taonga.

The centre continues to foster a love for reading by sending books home for tamariki to borrow and return. This also addresses barriers to learning, as some whānau don't have any books at home.

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Posted: Friday 10 May 2024