Participants' Comments about Reading Together®

Manurewa Central School

Acknowledgements: This video of some parents/whānau who have participated in the Reading Together® programme has been made available with the kind permission of the NZ Ministry of Education and Manurewa Central School in Auckland. SOURCE: YouTube

Manurewa Central School

... The key message is that home reading should be an enjoyable and fun activity. We also find that every child of parents involved in the programme makes immediate accelerated reading progress.
- Dr Laurie Thew, former Principal

SOURCE: Manurewa Central School Newsletter 24 June 2016

Because reading is built on relationships, it promotes social wellness. The relationships that develop over a book are positive feelings, provided we take the stress out of the situation and Reading Together® does that.
- Sandy Griffin, Deputy Principal

SOURCE: Modelling the change

Excerpt from NZEI Submission

Reading Together® is an excellent programme in terms of sharing knowledge both from school to families and families to school. ... Programmes like Reading Together® and Learning Mileage have helped us see a marked difference in achievement for our priority learners since we have had their families engaged. [p17]

SOURCE: NZEI Te Riu Roa (NZ's largest education union) Submission to the Parliamentary Education and Science Committee on the Inquiry into engaging parents in the education of their children

Reading Together® Feedback

Note: Feedback on the Reading Together® programme from throughout New Zealand can be found on Our Blog and in the History of Reading Together® in New Zealand.

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