Principals' Comments about Reading Together®

Reading Together®

Reading Together is absolutely wonderful - we are having more success with it than I ever possibly imagined - it's wonderfully successful - it sure works...

We have just completed our first Reading Together block of four sessions and it was FANTASTIC!!! I was blown away by the response I got. The parents have really latched onto it!!! I believe it will make a huge difference to our families.

To be part of this programme has been such an honour. It is a brilliant programme and parents find it very, very helpful. At our school, our Reading National Standards are the highest of the three core subjects and I am convinced that our participation in Reading Together has a large part to play in this.

We believe it is probably the most productive home-school programme we have run and the feedback we have received from parents indicates that they feel equally positive about it.

Very successful and we had people won over in an hour and a half (this programme is the closest thing to a magic wand I have ever seen!).

Reading Together is a brilliant concept. The resource (Workshop Leader's Handbook) that has been developed has been a fantastic resource to make the implementation of the programme successful.

It enables us to gain valuable insights into what is going on in the homes of the children - we gain better understandings of the families - we are learning all the time.

Reading Together is manageable, practical and effective - from both teacher and parent perspectives. It is also low cost.

It helps to meet the challenge of developing children's understanding and enjoyment of reading - many children are just decoding, their reading is 'performing correctly'.

The programme supports independent reading - helps to meet the needs of 'non independent' readers who usually start to fall behind, especially Year 4/5 on.

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