Parents' Comments about Reading Together®

Reading Together®

It has been an awesome programme.

It helps me to know how to calm down when my child makes a mistake. It brings that mother/daughter bond. Now reading is fun time not shouting time, and what I really like now is that my daughter likes to read.

It has been a time of us spending time together. His reading has improved because of the interest from home knowing we will not try to jump in with the right words or push him longer than he can take.

I've enjoyed the workshops, even though my English isn't very good. I want to know everything about the reading, know about my daughter. Now my daughter wants to read and she's reading better. She's reading more books and her father is taking her to the local library every Thursday night. Sometimes my daughter helps me when we are reading together.

I am thrilled with his progress. His reading has improved beyond belief. His printing and spelling have improved too.

I can't read very well and find it hard to write. I have more patience, understand more. I've grown up towards her.

You gain confidence in yourself when you know you're going about it the right way and he (the child) feels this too.

I have found it a worthwhile, interesting and very educational course. The results with reading and the general interest in books has been tremendous.

Andrew was almost showing off when we came home from the second workshop because he was so happy that he had been able to read so many books to me.

After attending one session, my daughter realised that there were many other children who needed help too. She was much happier and did not feel so isolated.

John's reading for sense and correcting his mistakes now - his reading is more flowing and not so slow and painful. It's not a tedium to listen to him any more - it's quite a pleasure really - I've shown his grandma how to help him too.

(I have learned that you) need time and patience and it's not necessary to be a reading scholar to help him. That it can be a time of enjoyment and closeness with your child.

She seems more confident in all of her school and social activities.

He seems to be tackling more things with confidence because he feels better that he can read.

They (my children) feel happier to read. Reading actually used to upset them.

Hubby said that he hasn't heard me slapping him (the child) lately.

(His reading has improved because) knowing that I know how to go about teaching him properly whereas before if he couldn't do it properly I'd just be jumping up and down, and that was just making him worse.

I have learned to be more relaxed in my approach to the reading problems and not to be so uptight. This in turn has helped to relieve the pressure.

It has made him feel important and that his teachers care enough to help Mum and Dad help him. Thank you for the time and care you have taken.

Yes, emphatically there is a need for this type of programme for parents. The skills I've gained are very important and I'm sure they would be to other parents. I will be able to help when needed not just for my own kids.

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