Early Reading Together® information on My ECE

My ECE has a webpage titled 'The Early Reading Together® programme', available here. Excerpts follow from this webpage:

Supporting parents who want to give their child the best environment at home for developing language and early reading skills is the Early Reading Together® programme.

This programme has a sound basis in research and practice. The New Zealand Ministry of Education and the Office of Early Childhood Education both validate its quality. It has had amazing results over several decades in helping children to develop a love of language and reading for school success and success in life.

Early childhood centres and home-based agencies that provide the programme are those that recognise that parents play a major role in influencing children's learning outcomes.

The programme involves parents attending 3 short workshops of 1 hour and 15 minutes spread over 3 weeks. At these workshops parents have opportunity to find out how learning language and reading seems from a child's point-of-view and what they can do to best help their child.

Participation in the programme is open to all parents and caregivers and does not depend on a parent's reading ability, language, culture, or socio-economic background.

It is a friendly and enjoyable programme that is very manageable for ECE services to provide and enable parents to obtain the right information and insights for enhancing their child’s language and early reading development.

Posted: Thursday 5 January 2023