Early Reading Together® at Postgate School

The following excerpts are from the Postgate School Charter 2021, available here:

Goal 2 / Whāinga e rua
People / He tangata
Postgate School recognises and acknowledges the critical impact whānau/aiga, and quality teachers/staff have on student achievement and development, both in and out of the classroom. Postgate will provide an environment for all where we all feel supported and are well resourced. As a society, we are in a period of consistent change and challenges in education.

WHAT WE WILL DO: Sustain, grow and further encourage whānau partnerships
ACTIONS: ... Early Reading Together® programme

WHAT WE WILL DO: Continue to give parents/caregivers the best possible start in schooling
ACTIONS: ... Early Reading Together® programme


The following extract is from the Postgate School Newsletter (Term 3, Week 7, 2020), available here:

Early Reading Together® programme
For the past 8 years or more, Postgate has successfully run a Reading Together® programme for Year 1 parents and/or new families to Postgate School. We see this programme as a vital step forward to a positive Postgate School experience. We have spoken about making this a condition of entry into Postgate School but don't want to come across as dictators so early on in families time with us. We save that for later.
Child care is provided as well as afternoon tea. If you are interested, and that should be all new families to Postgate School, please contact...

The following extracts are from the Postgate School Newsletter (26 March 2020) available here, written at the start of lockdown for COVID-19:

Morena whānau
Welcome to the world of the Bubble!
We are all pumped for Online Learning to see how it goes. It is trial and error, we are relying on your feedback/feedforward for this to be successful.
Before we start, I want to stress a few very important points:
  • The key is to learn alongside your child. Make out like you don't know as well. Watch the learning again. Show vulnerability, it is a life long skill. An important part of the learning process is learning to fail - an intelligent failure. Families who have taken the time to do the Reading Together® programme or the Early Reading Together® programme will understand. If you haven't, please try to remember back when you were learning to read, write, do the math. If you are like me and have taken too many knocks to the head, it took like forever, like many many years. Your child needs time and you will not do it in a day. Enjoy your child, make sure they enjoy you.


The following extract is from the Postgate School Newsletter (Term 1, Week 10, 2019), available here:

Early Reading Together® programme
Thank you to the parents who attended the most recent Early Reading Together® programme. Your support of your child is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Heather and Hayley for running this most successful programme.
It is an expectation of our families that parents complete the Early Reading Together® and the Reading Together® programme. These programmes are designed to help you help your child. There is lots of chat between everyone, a few laughs and lots of 'oooohhhhh' moments as you discover what it is like learning to read.
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Posted: Friday 19 March 2021