Early Reading Together® at Busy Bees Silverdale Central

Quoting from this November 2023 Busy Bees Silverdale Central Facebook post (which includes photos from their implementation of Early Reading Together®):

Congratulations to our whānau members who participated in the Early Reading Together® programme. 🎉 A huge shout out to our Kaiako Fiona Hanning who ran this program so successfully 💜
Early Reading Together® is a group programme for parents of young children. It provides effective strategies and activities to support children's language and literacy development at home, from infancy up to five or six years old. The programme is designed to make reading and language activities fun, engaging, and interactive, while also giving parents the tools they need to support their children's learning in everyday situations. Through this programme, parents can gain new skills and knowledge to help their children thrive academically and socially, while also fostering a strong bond between parent and child.

Lynne Rice: So pleased to read about this literacy program.

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Posted: Thursday 16 November 2023