Early Reading Together® at Tower Road Christian Preschool

Tower Road Christian Preschool will be implementing the Early Reading Together® programme in September 2020, as announced here and in the brochure here.

Excerpts follow from this News and Events webpage:

Early Reading Together®
This research-based programme has been changing lives since 1983.
The programme is free and we are happy to help with baby sitting costs.

Excerpts follow from this Early Reading Together® brochure:

Matamata Christian School has facilitated the Reading Together® programme for the past five years, and this year we are going to host Early Reading Together® at Tower Road Christian Preschool. We have found the success of this programme has changed how parents read to and with their children at home. We have also noticed the difference during reading time at school. We believe in this programme and would love you to partner with us and come and join us at our Early Reading Together® sessions.

The Ministry of Education have done extensive research on the Reading Together® programme and have found it to make a significant difference in young people's reading and in family bonding. They sponsor this programme at Tower Road Christian Preschool so we can bring it to you at no cost.

September 2020 Update:

Quoting from the Tower Road Christian Preschool Facebook page here (with photos from Workshop 1):

Reading to your child is such quality time together.
Thank you to everyone who made this Early Reading Together® evening so much fun. It was a great success and we look forward to the next two sessions.

Additional Information: Reading Together® at Matamata Christian School

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Posted: Friday 4 September 2020