Reading Together® at Matamata Christian School

Matamata Christian School has implemented the Reading Together® programme for the past five years.

Excerpts follow from this brochure:

We have found the success of this programme has changed how parents read to and with their children at home. We have also noticed the difference during reading time at school. We believe in this programme...

The Ministry of Education have done extensive research on the Reading Together® programme and have found it to make a significant difference in young people's reading and in family bonding.

Feedback from past attendees of the Reading Together® programme includes:

I was very happy to finally know how to pick the suitable book for my children's respective levels. It's a shame to look back at too many difficult books they tried to read without me even knowing about it.

My children enjoy reading more especially when the book is too hard for them and I read it for them. It builds their confidence. Reading Together® has helped my family a lot. My husband has more ideas on how to help the children, and so do I.

I really appreciate this programme. I'm glad we attended. You may not know how much it has helped us!

I have learnt to stay calm and to make it FUN for them. Reading Together® has changed his attitude, seeing reading as fun. Reading Together® has reminded me that reading is not a natural thing / ability we're born with.

Reading Together® taught me how to find out my child's level and strengths. It has helped with improved reading, understanding my daughter's ability and allowed me to step back and to rethink. It was an awesome course. You can't build a wall without the brick, but sometimes you can forget the cement!

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Posted: Monday 24 August 2020