Children's Comments about Reading Together®

NOTE: Since the Reading Together® workshops are for parents (children attend only one of the four sessions), feedback is mainly from parents. However, here is a small sample of comments offered by children to independent researchers:

Reading Together®

Mum helps me all the time. If I get stuck on a word, mum waits for a couple of seconds, then tells me. Sometimes my sisters and grandma help me.

Mum and Dad have been helping me since Mrs Biddulph came. She helps people to read. I understand books much easier now. I didn't like reading all that much before.

I don't know how I got a reading problem but I was pretty hacked off and gave some of the teachers a hard time. Now I'm trying hard to improve my reading because my girlfriend is better at it than me.

Mum helps me. She's been to a reading thing. Mrs Biddulph talked to them about reading and us kids went one night. It's better since she has been on the course. I like it more now.

I would read a page and she (my mother) would read a page. Now I read it all.

Mum was helping me but I read by myself now. Mum doesn't help me very often now. I read a book to her the other day.

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