Funding for Early Reading Together®

Is the Early Reading Together® programme supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Education?

Yes. For information about funding support from the NZ Ministry of Education, please email

For those in the Early Childhood Education sector in New Zealand, the following information was published in the Ministry of Education Early Learning Bulletin | He Pānui Kōhungahunga | Update – 18 August 2022:

Early learning services, puna reo, kōhanga reo and playgroups can apply for funding to deliver Early Reading Together®.
Early Reading Together® is a strengths-based, literacy intervention that supports parents and whānau to learn strategies to positively support their children’s reading at home. It runs over three workshops (1 hour 15 minutes in length).
The programme has the same strong basis in research evidence as Reading Together® Te Pānui Ngātahi and provides a solid foundation for literacy development for pre-schoolers and five-year-olds. ...

Additional Information:

How is the Early Reading Together® programme funded?

The Early Reading Together® programme is funded by the sale of resources and, in particular, the resources for parents/whānau. For a summary of the various costs associated with sustaining Early Reading Together® and Reading Together®, please see this FAQ.

Why can't we copy the Early Reading Together® resources?

As well as being prohibited by law, the unauthorised copying, publication, adaptation or reproduction (e.g. on websites) of any of the Early Reading Together® programme resources directly undermines the sustainability of Early Reading Together® and puts its future at risk.

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