Funding for Reading Together®

Is the Reading Together® programme supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Education?

Yes. For details, please see the relevant TKI webpage available here.

How is the Reading Together® programme funded?

The Reading Together® programme is funded by the sale of resources and, in particular, the resources for parents/whānau. Income from the sale of these resources is required to cover all the ongoing costs associated with sustaining Reading Together®, including:

  • professional support
  • publication and distribution of programme resources
  • tax, GST, ACC/insurance
  • IT, legal and accounting
  • R&D
  • salaries/contract costs

Why can’t we copy the Reading Together® resources?

As well as being prohibited by law, the unauthorised copying, publication, adaptation or reproduction (e.g. on websites) of any of the Reading Together® programme resources directly undermines the sustainability of Reading Together® and puts its future at risk.

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