Valued Outcomes for Parents/Whānau

Valued outcomes for parents/whānau participating in the Reading Together® programme include:

  • Having an important need met i.e. learning sound, manageable and constructive ways of supporting their children’s reading.
  • Finding out that they can help their children effectively themselves, and that private tuition is not necessary.
  • Becoming more aware of their children’s needs and how best to help them.
  • Feeling less frustration, anger and anxiety about their children's reading achievement.
  • Taking the pressure off and stopping criticising, threatening and slapping their children.
  • Developing more supportive, relaxed and positive relationships with their children and within their families.
  • Enjoying special one-to-one time with their child and the closeness that develops.
  • Using the programme strategies to help all the children in their family/whānau.
  • Showing family members and other parents/friends how to help their children.
  • Accessing and using more reading resources which are relevant to their children's interests and cultural backgrounds.
  • Gaining confidence and satisfaction from helping their children effectively (including families whose understanding and knowledge of English are limited).
  • Improvements in their own self-esteem and reading (among parents who struggle with reading).
  • Becoming empowered and more knowledgeable in their role as parents supporting their children's learning.
  • Feeling more at ease and more confident about:
    - going into schools and libraries
    - approaching teachers, principals and librarians
    - engaging in discussions about their children's learning.
  • Using community and school libraries more frequently and confidently, and accessing the support of librarians - in many cases, for the first time ever.
  • Opportunities to participate in informal and enjoyable workshops during which they are encouraged and supported by teachers, librarians and other parents/whānau.

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