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Education for All - World Education Forum

The following extracts are from Education for All 2015 National Review Report: New Zealand, prepared by the NZ Ministry of Education in view of the World Education Forum (Incheon, Republic of Korea, 19‐22 May 2015). The report was submitted in response to UNESCO's invitation to its Member States to assess progress made since 2000 towards achieving Education for All (EFA).

The Reading Together Project, being implemented from 2012-2015, is supporting 600-700 New Zealand decile 1-3 schools with students in any of Years 1-8 to help parents and whānau/families to support their children's reading. [p.46]
Around 20,000 whānau/families will engage in Reading Together workshops over the 2012-2015 period, impacting on 30,000 students attending those schools and another 30,000 children in the families. This includes a high proportion of families for whom English is an additional language, as well as migrant and refugee families. [p.46]
In 2014, an expansion was announced of the Reading Together Project to include all decile 4 and up to half of decile 5 English medium schools with students in any of Years 1 to 8. This will see an additional 144 schools benefit from this programme (an additional 5625 children attending those schools will benefit directly in 2015). [p.47]

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