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Fred Biddulph

D.Phil (Waik.) MA (Cant.) DipT

Fred has an MA in Education and a D.Phil in Science Education. He has varied work experience, including several years in the New Zealand Police. In the field of education, he has many years experience as a primary school teacher and principal, and several years experience as a secondary teacher in special education. He has also been a teacher educator and curriculum developer in mathematics in the Solomon Islands, a curriculum adviser in the Cook Islands, and a teacher educator at both Christchurch College of Education and the University of Waikato (particularly in science and mathematics education).

Other professional experiences have included:

  • 3 years as Project Officer for the Learning in Science (Primary) Project at the University of Waikato
  • providing a professional development programme for staff at the Regional Centre for Science and Mathematics Education in Penang, Malaysia
  • supervising masters and doctoral theses.

Fred has over 100 publications in science education, mathematics education and curriculum development, was a founding editor of the professional journal Teachers and Curriculum, a co-author of 36 science books for primary school children, and was consultant for, and made a major contribution to, both the Sunshine junior science programme, and the Galaxy junior mathematics multimedia programme (both published internationally by Wendy Pye Limited). He was also a main author of The Complexity of Community and Family Influences on Children's Achievement in New Zealand: Best Evidence Synthesis, commissioned by the NZ Ministry of Education.

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