Chris Biddulph

BMS (Hons) (Waik.) MCSE MCP+I

Chris has an information technology background and he has worked in the education sector. He has a Bachelor of Management Studies (First Class Honours) degree from the University of Waikato. Chris' work experience includes:

  • Managing Biddulph Group Publishing Limited and Biddulph Education Trust which provide educational resources and support.
  • Providing support for the implementation of Early Reading Together® and Reading Together®, including organising a Donation of Mini-libraries to Families and managing an online Reading Together® Support Desk for teachers, school leaders and librarians, as part of the Reading Together® Project (which the NZ Ministry of Education established in late 2011). Approximately 30,000 families and more than 900 schools participated in the Reading Together® Project between 2012 and 2016 (for feedback about Reading Together® in some of the Project schools, please see Our Blog and the History of Reading Together® in New Zealand).
  • Managing an IT services company which developed - in consultation with principals, teachers, early childhood educators, Teachers Council, NZEI, PPTA and the NZ Ministry of Education - secure and efficient Web applications to support the professional development of educators at both ECE and school levels.
  • Consultant for various projects e.g. developed a website and online survey for the Children's Rights Project (a project co-ordinated by the Children's Issues Centre, University of Otago, on behalf of the Commissioner for Children and the Human Rights Commission) and undertook quantitative analysis of the survey data (contributing to the Children's Rights section of the New Zealand Action Plan on Human Rights).
  • Consultant for NZ Ministry of Education projects e.g. responsible for technology requirements associated with The Complexity of Community and Family Influences on Children's Achievement in New Zealand: Best Evidence Synthesis.
  • Level 3 IT support, data warehousing & reporting, and project management for Electronic Data Systems (EDS was subsequently acquired by Hewlett-Packard) e.g. a Project Manager on the Telecom NZ Account, responsible for managing the design, development and deployment of an Enterprise Management reporting solution. (Chris was a member of the EDS bid team which won the Telecom New Zealand IT outsourcing contract - a 10 year $1.5 billion deal.)

Voluntary work Chris undertakes includes:

  • Guiding Achilles athletes, including at hiking and running events.
  • Track maintenance at the Hakarimata Scenic Reserve.
  • Working bees at Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve.
  • Marshalling etc at Hamilton Lake parkrun.
  • Organising and leading hikes in the Waikato region.
  • Supporting Hamilton Road Runners (Chris is a recipient of the Outstanding Club Spirit award).

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