Early Reading Together® at Northland Regional Corrections Facility

Since 2017, the Early Reading Together® programme has been implemented by the Storytime Foundation at Northland Regional Corrections Facility in Ngawha (amongst other initiatives such as the Breakfast Club).

Stuff has published an article (on 3 Oct 2018) titled 'Children's school holiday programme with dad in prison' available here. Extracts follow:

Kids are brought inside the wall at Northland Regional Corrections Facility... One father who was visited by his two children on Tuesday, said every prisoner should have the chance to see their kids while inside the wall.

Acting principal corrections officer, Gill: "There's a focus on creating a bond with the children and spending time together as a family unit...  Inter-generational offending is significant - that's what we are working to break by reconnecting children with their fathers and making tamariki the number one in their life."

The Storytime Foundation supports the programme by providing books and other educational resources.
Linda (from the Foundation) said she has seen fathers read to their children for the first time.
"We've seen an amazing change in the way men interact with their children."
"If children are going to come and visit we must make it as positive as can be and keep relationships between children and dads as strong as they can be."

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Posted: Friday 5 October 2018