Early Reading Together® at Pukekohe Kids Count

The following 18 August 2018 comments regarding the Early Reading Together® programme at Pukekohe Kids Count are sourced from here:

So excited to work with the amazing people at Pukekohe North School Mandie and Pauline who gave us a fabulous opportunity to be a part of a great course which gives us as adults the tools to help our children enjoy reading.
Thank you to all the people who turned up, we had a great time, sharing concerns, asking questions and soaking in some amazing ideas.

Further comments, sourced from here:

Pukekohe Kids Count: We are absolutely privileged to have Mandie and Pauline support our whānau and their tamariki.
Pauline Brown: A pleasure to work with Mandie and a receptive group of parents who wanted to learn how to share and develop the love of literacy with their children.
Mandie Hildreth: It was a privilege working with whānau from Kids Count, great discussion and fun... I have literacy packs for each of the mums who came.
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Posted: Thursday 30 August 2018