Early Reading Together® at Tirimoana School

The following comments are from a 21 February 2022 Tirimoana School Facebook post:

2022 Early Reading Together® Workshops for parents

Dear Parents and Whānau of our Year 1 students

We are excited to offer you the Early Reading Together® workshops. These workshops will help you support your child with reading at home.

About the Early Reading Together® workshops:

  • These workshops are designed to help parents/whānau of young children (babies to 5 and 6 year olds) to support their children's language and literacy development.
  • Consist of 3 workshops (each lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes) - you come to all the workshops.
  • Will help you to read to and talk with your child in ways that build a love of reading.
  • You will:
    - Explore ways of supporting your children's language and reading development.
    - Find out more about books, rhymes and songs which are suitable for young children and enjoyable for them.

We are looking foward to sharing these workshops with you.

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Posted: Monday 7 March 2022