Early Reading Together® at Waitaki Multicultural Playgroup


The following comments (with photos available) about the Early Reading Together® programme are from a 14 December 2023 Waitaki Multicultural Facebook post:

On the 12th of December Waitaki Multicultural Playgroup hosted a free Early Reading Together® workshop for our parents and their kids run by Tiny Nation.  The programme is supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and it focuses on ways in which adults from different ethnic backgrounds can support the language, literacy and learning of their young children.

Thanks to Kerri Mansfield-Laws for coming in today and sharing your knowledge and wisdom about the many ways in which our parents can help with our children’s reading development.  We also really appreciated the amazing gift packs of kids’ books you shared with our parents which included a couple of beautiful Māori/English books.  

And just a reminder, Fiona Kerr from the Oamaru Library continues to bring in some wonderful books appropriate to different ethnic backgrounds.  Please pop into the Library and check out their latest editions.

Kerri Mansfield-Laws: Thank you Waitaki Multicultural for the invite. It was wonderful to meet you all and your children. I enjoyed presenting Early Reading Together® with you all. Your happy energy and positivity is infectious. I look forward to returning and completing the programme in the New Year.

Fiona Kerr: Great to hear that this workshop was offered! I’m always buying books about different backgrounds so do visit me at Waitaki District Libraries so I can help you find them.

Note: The Early Reading Together® programme consists of three 1¼ hour workshops.


The following comments (with photos available) about the Early Reading Together® programme are from a 15 May 2024 Waitaki Multicultural Facebook post:

On the 14th of May the Waitaki Multicultural playgroup hosted a second edition of the Early Reading Together® programme by Kerri Mansfield of Tiny Nation. Our families had an opportunity to learn some Maori words and culture. We also had lots of fun with the poi that Kerri brought along for us to try out. Thank you, Kerri Mansfield, for coming and sharing this amazing programme with us and learn more about Maori culture.

Kerri Mansfield-Laws: It is always a pleasure to visit your playgroup Waitaki Multicultural. Tiny Nation are happy to help spread Literacy through Early Reading Together®.

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Posted: Saturday 1 June 2024