ERO Insights - Case Study at May Road School: Walking in other people's shoes

ERO Insights (Term 1, 2018) looks at Ethnic diversity in New Zealand state schools, and includes a Case Study - May Road School: Walking in other people's shoes, available here. Quoting from the Case Study:

This is our story of how we got to know our learners
Seventy‑five percent of our families are from the Pacific Islands. The Reading Together® programme triggered a conversation about the parents' experiences of education and aspirations for their children. It became clear that the usual data and information we collect provided some knowledge about the learner and their family. However, in order to truly tap into the potential of our learners we needed to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the families, their experiences, their culture, their background, and what it is like to walk in their shoes! ...
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Posted: Tuesday 1 May 2018