Iwi scheme step in 'learner journey'

The Wairarapa Times-Age has published an article (on 17 April 2014) titled 'Iwi scheme step in learner journey', available here. Excerpts follow:

A Wairarapa iwi is to launch an almost $800,000 education scheme that aims to lift classroom achievements among their young while also reaching out to students of every culture in the region. ...
Clusters of schools within each of the territorial authority districts of Masterton, Carterton and South Wairarapa will take on the scheme, he said, and targets included curriculum development, a professional learning and development program, a Hapu Whanau Wananga (family learning unit), an iwi education website, whanau advisory groups, and the Reading Together programme tailored for families at home. ...
Nelson Rangi, Kahungunu ki Wairarapa governance board chairman, said family and parents were vital to the success of the scheme and the lifting of academic standards among Kahunguni ki Wairarapa students.
"If we want to raise the standards of education for the children then we have to involve the parents, we have to involve the families. Without their co-operation and involvement, we will get nowhere," he said.
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Posted: Tuesday 22 April 2014