Learners/ākonga developing reading skills

A NZ Ministry of Education report has been published in December 2020 titled 'Ngā Kura o Aotearoa: New Zealand Schools (2019)', which pertains to the compulsory schools sector in New Zealand in 2019 (also known as the Schools Sector Report), available here.

The following excerpt is from page 45 of the report, available here:

Learners/ākonga developing reading skills

Reading Together® is a national programme delivered by schools/kura and community providers. The programme provides coaching and resources for parents and whānau to help support their children to learn to read or to improve their reading ability.

In 2019, the programme was delivered to approximately 3,075 parents and their children through 129 individual schools/kura, one Kāhui Ako (nine schools), and 67 community groups.

The programme was successfully delivered in Pacific communities through Pacific PowerUP and Pacific churches. This allowed teachers/kaiako from these communities to work directly with Pacific parents and families to support the literacy development of their children and encourage engagement with their local schools.

Posted: Monday 14 December 2020