National Library's support for the Reading Together® programme

National Library's Services to Schools offers support to schools by providing extra books through a Reading Together® programme loan, and professional advice and support to help the programme succeed in your school.

If your school or Community of Learning | Kāhui Ako is implementing or thinking of implementing the Reading Together® programme, you may also be interested in the National Library’s Services to Schools Reading Together® programme loans.

Reading Together® programme loan

Reading Together® programme loans are separate and in addition to Services to Schools loans to support reading engagement and inquiry. Reading Together® programme loans are tailored to the requirements of your Reading Together® workshops and the books can also be used by participants at home.

Reading Together® programme loans are free and there is no charge for overdue or lost books.

To request a loan, Phone 0800 LIB LINE (0800 542 5463).

Professional advice and support

National Library facilitators can also provide advice on how your school library can support and help sustain the benefits of the Reading Together® programme through the school library and the ongoing development of a school-wide reading culture.

If you would like some advice about supporting the Reading Together® programme in your school library and/or about developing a school-wide reading culture, please contact the National Library Capability Facilitators on 0800 LIB LINE (0800 542 5463).

Services to Schools website

You can find out more about Reading Together® loans and support along with a range of information about supporting and engaging students with reading, school libraries, digital literacy and learning resources, PD and more on the website

The National Library is committed to providing the resources and support along with your school library and local public library to ensure the ongoing success of the Reading Together® programme.

Further information is available here.

Posted: Tuesday 26 June 2018