Reading for pleasure

Read NZ Te Pou Muramura

An excerpt from a Point and Associates (Aotearoa) Read NZ Te Pou Muramura Evaluation:

Reading for pleasure is one of the most important indicators for the future success of a child, improving literacy, learning, health and wellbeing and social outcomes. In particular, it builds empathy and the ability to understand different perspectives. Children who enjoy reading have more positive relationships with family and friends and are less likely to display risky behaviour. Reading for pleasure is an even more powerful factor in children's life achievement than socio-economic background.

Note: For information about the Writers in Schools programme, please see: Read NZ Te Pou Muramura Evaluation

National Library

An excerpt from the National Library's Services to Schools Reading for pleasure — a door to success:

Why reading for pleasure matters

Research shows that the benefits of reading for pleasure are extensive and long-reaching. Reading for pleasure:

  • boosts academic achievement, and provides a foundation for critical, digital and information literacy
  • builds cognitive function and stamina when immersed in the flow of reading
  • develops empathy and knowledge — of self, other worlds, culture, heritage, and ways of being and thinking
  • empowers students to become active citizens
  • improves and builds psychological wellbeing and healthy behaviours, and
  • crucially for young people, can be relaxing and provide an escape.

Additional Information: Reading for pleasure — a door to success

Posted: Tuesday 8 August 2023