Reading Together® article in Good News and The News

Liz Horgan, Principal of St Joseph's School Otahuhu, has written an article titled 'Reading Together programme' for Good News & The News (Broadsheet of Good Practice in Integrated Schools), available here.

An extract from the article:

We have found Reading Together to be the most effective home/school programme we have run. Reading Together gives parents strategies and confidence to assist their children with reading and it enhances and consolidates relationships at all levels – within the family, with the school and with the local library. It is truly a wonderful programme to be involved in and the feedback we have received from parents is heart-warming, humbling and always extremely positive. We first started using the programme in 2005 and have run it every year since. We work with 12–15 families at a time and have now reached more than 150 families. We are now at the stage of working mainly with the families of children who are new to the school and/or starting to learn to read, although the programme can be effectively used with all ages. ...
Reading Together has consistently shown positive results over a very long time. We would strongly recommend it to any school and would be happy to discuss it.
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Posted: Thursday 13 September 2012