Reading Together® at Collingwood Area School

The following 11 Sept 2018 comments regarding Reading Together® at Collingwood Area School are sourced from The Flyer, Te Pia (Term 3 Issue 14):

We know that the more you read to your children the more knowledge they absorb, and of course, knowledge is important in all aspects of life. In fact studies show that reading develops empathy, creativity, imagination and emotional intelligence. Children who enjoy reading not only do better in language and literacy subjects, but in all of their learning.
This week sees the start of our annual Reading Together® programme at Collingwood Area School, Te Pānui NgātahiReading Together® is a research-based programme that helps whānau to support their children's reading at home more effectively.
Thanks to Mel for ensuring that this work is fully embedded in our kura.
Whānau please remember, your child walks like you, talks like you and absorbs everything you do. So set the right example when it comes to reading - please put down your smart phone, pick up a book, and read with your child. Be you. Be Great. Kia tū koe. Kia Tia!
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Posted: Wednesday 19 September 2018