Reading Together® at Colville School

The following information about the Reading Together® programme at Colville School is sourced from this Google document:

Reading Together® Sessions Term 2 2023

Colville School will be running a series of four Reading Together® sessions for parents and whānau on ... in the library.

Susie and Aleisha will be leading these informative sessions including practical strategies for helping your child with their reading at home, no matter their age or reading ability. This will support us to work together as a team to help your children to develop a love for reading together. The sessions build on each other, so please book us in for all four sessions!

On completion of all four sessions, you will receive a reading gift for your child. Our school also receives some extra funding to put towards our library and reading resources. You will have already seen the new big book bags that have been provided by this funding.

Delicious kai will be provided and children will be supervised with a movie night, bring along a beanbag or cushion for a night of fun!

Our aim is for all our school whānau to benefit from this amazing programme and we hope to see lots of you there!

The following update about Reading Together® programme implementation at Colville School is sourced from page 3 of this document:

Two courses of the Reading Together® programme have been completed in 2023.

We are already seeing the benefits of the programme through enhanced learning focussed relationships.

Another course will be run in 2024 for the students who are transitioning to school and the whānau who have not yet been able to attend.

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Posted: Saturday 1 June 2024