Reading Together® at Concord School

The following 22 August 2019 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Concord School in Dunedin are sourced from the School Newsletter here:

Last term Fay Young and Sue Howard ran the Reading Together® programme for parents of junior students.  Many thanks to everyone that attended and the teachers for taking it after school.  This programme gives parents the tools to make reading a fun and enjoyable experience at home, as seen in the quotes below.  We will run the programme again in early 2020.

Some feedback from parents:

  • I now feel more confident to listen and help with my child's reading and they seem more confident in their reading to me.
  • The programme has highlighted the importance of reading, it is more than just the ability to read.
  • Sometimes they used to argue about the book (what they thought was right), but this programme has helped us bond and we are spending positive time together.
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Posted: Tuesday 10 September 2019