Reading Together® at Dargaville Public Library

The Kaipara District Council Chief Executive's Report for 27 June 2012 discusses the Reading Together® programme, as follows:

Dargaville Public Library Monthly Report for May
Dargaville Intermediate and Selwyn Park Primary Schools have just kicked off with the fantastic Reading Together Programme, which Dargaville Library has been supporting.
Reading Together’s aim is to enable parents to help their children with reading outside of school. There is a lot of focus on practical skills and understanding how children learn to read, and of the important role libraries have to play in supporting this. Paula Guy Stuve and Alison Martin have both attended sessions at the schools, with parents and teachers. One after hours session was held in the Dargaville Library - parents, teachers and children packed in to work on the programme and engage with the library and its resources. The Library was buzzing with the noise of parents and children reading together. The programme is creating positive relationships and upskilling all involved.
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Posted: Saturday 14 July 2012