Reading Together® at Ebbett Park School

The following information about the Reading Together® programme at Ebbett Park School is sourced from their 27 May 2024 School Newsletter (page 2):

Reading Together® Trip

I would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful members of our community that joined me for the Reading Together® programme. It was great getting to know you all. Please remember if anyone in the school needs help with home reading please feel free to contact me. I am only too happy to help. The Reading Together® programme is to show you additional ways to help your children become better readers through understanding and enjoyment. We have just finished the programme with a lovely group of parents, so watch out for next year’s programme.
Mrs Bush

Some of the parents/grandparents said:

“I felt so much better about reading, plus I’m not stressed about getting it right all the time. I feel this activity was very beneficial”.

“I enjoyed meeting others and how they do things, great support”.

“I learned when it is the best time to read or get my child to read books”.

“It has made a big difference with helping my child”.

“My confidence in myself at reading has improved”.

“I have really enjoyed it”.

“The more reading that we all do together the more the kids want to do. It’s much less of a battle and the kids are really enjoying the special time as a family. It’s also been cool to start reading chapter books from when we were growing up to my children”.

“Making reading fun again and not a chore”.

“Knowing how to help my child with tricky words and how to work out if a book is hard or not”.

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Posted: Wednesday 12 June 2024