Reading Together® at Eltham Primary School

The following 14 April 2021 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme are sourced from the Eltham Primary School Facebook page here:

Reading Together®
Today was the final session of our wonderful Reading Together® programme that has been run by Mrs Barnes and Mrs Wilkins. Our amazing parents/whānau received their certificates for their valuable contributions and participation in this programme. We were especially touched and encouraged by the feedback that they gave us around how the sessions have supported their child/children with their reading at home. Thank you all so much for your attendance. Special thanks to Billie Sculpher from Eltham Library whose input was invaluable at all sessions.

Some of the feedback given to us:

  • I've learned to make sure the books are right for them and knowing what is too difficult or easy.
  • Reading together takes practice. I need to be patient and not rush my child. I know now to look through the book and talk about the story.
  • I have made sure my child has a quiet place to read and they need more time and space to let them focus on the book. Giving my child time.
  • I'm learning to just let my child read and not focus just on the misread words. I'm waiting to give my child time before I tell them the word. I'm putting less pressure on them and not saying "you should know that word".
  • Taking time to read when they are more relaxed and ready. We now have a set time for reading with everything turned off for reading time.
  • Be patient with them and pay attention to what they read. Making an effort to talk about the books before they read to me. I liked the idea about talking about the story and every word doesn't need to be fixed. I can be more relaxed.
  • Their confidence has improved. We now have individual time together and I feel I'm a closer parent with my children.
  • She loves getting a word right and she wants to read to me now. I keep telling her how awesome she is. Her younger sister wants to read to me as well. It has helped me with the way I speak to her. We're talking a lot more even about things like cooking. She used to hang back but now she comes forward.
  • It's made him more confident and willing to try. It's been good for bonding as we are not stressing about the little things.
  • It has refreshed our enjoyment of reading.
  • It's given me more confidence as well as my child. Not correcting them all the time has helped their confidence.
  • My child wants to read more.
  • Yes, we can read without technology. She enjoys reading to me. It's helped me to understand how children process reading.
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Posted: Thursday 22 April 2021