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An excerpt from the Failoa Famili website, specifically 'Our Life Skills Programs':

Reading Together®
Reading Together® is a research-based programme helping parents and whānau to effectively participate in their children's reading at home. Participants learn simple strategies to make reading time fun rather than a time of anxiety, stress and, sometimes, anger. — Join our parents groups in Auckland or Hutt Valley.


The following comments (with photos available) are from the Failoa Famili Charitable Trust Facebook page here:

Reading Together®
Walter Nash Centre, Lower Hutt

Tuesday 27th April 2021
Malo lava to our Hutt Valley Parents Group for completing a series of Reading Together® workshops. Thank you to our parents, caregivers and children for coming along with enthusiasm to learn how we can better support children's learning at home and school. Thank you to our teacher facilitator Maima Sopoaga for sharing her extensive knowledge of reading strategies. Families enjoyed the diverse ways of learning through practical activities such as story board puzzles and dual Samoan language books. Thank you to Feagaimaalii Leuga a retired teacher of 30+ years for encouraging students and parents to build on the Samoan language and culture as a vehicle to improve reading skills, to aim high, have goals so you can achieve them, and if you don't understand what you're reading ask your parents at home and ask your teachers at school. Thank you to the Ministry of Education for funding this excellent programme empowering families to read together!

Note: A video capturing one of the Reading Together® workshops is available here on Facebook.

The following comments (with photos available) are from the Failoa Famili Charitable Trust Facebook page here:

Reading Together®
Mission Heights Junior College, Manukau

Workshop 1 - 15 March 2021
The first of four workshops was held tonight with families at Mission Heights School. An introduction discussing strategies for parents to support children's education by reading together at home. Thanks to funding by Ministry of Education. Check out website for more information

Fiona Lelilio-Tiatia Love this! This would be great in OZ with our PI community too 😍
EmzandPaul Woolley wonderful 👏
Sepiuita Peni Way to go fam!!!

7 April 2021
Congratulations MHJC parents and children for completing our Reading Together® programme tonight, receiving a certificate of training and Failoa Famili health and wellbeing care pack. Thank you for sharing your journey, so good to have the children actively participate. Over the past four weeks parents took away reading strategies to practice at home and support their children's learning. A tour of the school library encouraged parents to use the library including the option of wheeler e books. Pasifika dual language books were made available thank you Maima Sopoaga. Reading is the key to learning and success. Thank you to MHJC Pasifika Student Coordinator - Abbigail Shields for supporting this transformative programme. Fa'afetai Ministry of Education.

Tina Vaka So good. Thank you for sharing x
Gabby Va'a Makisi Awesome work.


The following comments (with a great collection of photos available too) are from the Failoa Famili Charitable Trust Facebook page here:

Reading Together®
Fakalotolahi Wellington

Workshop 1 - 25th Aug 2020
The first out of a series of four workshops was held tonight at Walter Nash Stadium for Tongan parents in the Hutt Valley to share experiences and strategies for better reading in the home. Reading is the key to learning and success! Thanks Nancy and Tulua for facilitating in Faka-Tonga and Papa Cakes for catering packs. Malo ‘aupito! 
Note: Photos available here.

Workshop 2 - 1st Sept 2020
Hutt Valley Tongan parents practising Reading Together® strategies introduced during Workshop 1 with their children. Malo 'aupito!
Note: Photos available here.

Workshop 3 - 11th Sept 2020
More sharing and practicing reading strategies. Children were asked to write down their reading experiences at home. Kids are so honest “mum didn’t have time to read with me because she went to the gym”. “I haven’t read with my parents yet because when they get home they are too tired”. Let’s hope at the next workshop we will hear some positive changes.
Note: Photos available here.

Workshop 4 - 18th Sept 2020
Malo ‘aupito! Parents received Reading Together® certificate of training and completion – well done! Emotional sharing from parents who used strategies over the past few weeks to help themselves do better and to support their children’s learning. Tips included being more patient, set aside time, have a separate room/space just for reading and turning off the phone. Children were rewarded with prizes for their written reflection. Thank you to our workshop facilitators Nancy Sunia and Tulua Leanati. Malo Papa Cakes for gift voucher of $200 and catering. Failoa Famili health and hygiene care packs were handed to parents to share with their families or pass on to a young mum, teenage daughter or niece. Included in the pack was a journal to encourage writing down experiences and building skills and confidence. Thank you Maima Sopoaga for tki reading resources and Vini Iosua for the beautiful certificates. We acknowledge support from Reading Together®, Ministry of Education, ACE Aotearoa and Walter Nash Centre.
Note: Photos available here.

The following excerpts (with great photos available as well) are from the Failoa Famili Charitable Trust Facebook page here:

Reading Together®
Pasifika Parents Hutt Valley

Workshop 1 - 8 Sept 2020
The first of a series of four workshops for Pasifika parents starting with an introduction tour of Taita Library, sharing experiences of common struggles and successful strategies parents have already used to support reading in the home. From reading Bible stories, Britannica Encyclopaedia sets that our parents ordered when we were young to bilingual language and just turning off the TV. Thank you to our experienced facilitator and local primary school teacher Trish Sopoaga and support team Taiai Pisa and Vee Iosua.
Note: Photos available here.
A Parent: I love the idea of sharing our experiences with parents tonight. Wow, just reminds me of my mother, she used to teach us how to read a Samoan Bible, but I was the worst compared to my siblings. I didn't care about reading until now, makes me happy to read and learn especially about my health programmes. Hats off to this idea. One mother was in tears tonight by sharing her story about her kids by her refusal to help her children learn how to read. After the workshop tonight she left with something new to help her children and her family. Cheers.

Workshop 2 - 15 Sept 2020
Parents were introduced to learning resources available online, Pasifika dual language books and practised reading strategies with their children. Sometimes it’s not about the kids getting every word correct but simply looking at the pictures to understand, predict and activate prior knowledge. Facilitator Maima Sopoaga provided a variety of bilingual books parents were happy to take home.
Note: Photos available here.

Workshop 3 - 22 Sept 2020
Note: Photos available here.

Workshop 4 - 29 Sept 2020
Parents were presented with their Reading Together® Certificate of Training by retired teacher of 30+ years Vaipou Saluni who shared insights into the importance of reading starting in the home and the value of having a second language. Well done, thank you for attending and sharing reading at home with our tamariki. We hope that the strategies and resources will encourage a better reading experience as we support our children with their learning journey. Thank you to facilitator Maima Sopoaga for delivering in both English and Samoan, bringing a wealth of experience and resources and making available free bilingual books for parents to take home!
Note: Photos available here.

Posted: Wednesday 11 August 2021