Reading Together® at Failoa Famili

Excerpts follow from the Failoa Famili website:

Failoa Famili is a registered charitable trust. We are mums, passionate about helping to make a positive difference for families in the community. In particular for young people, women and girls who are our future workers, mums and dads.

We believe a holistic approach is necessary in addressing the 'skills and information' gap prevalent within the Pasifika communities.

Failoa in Samoa is 'just do it'. Famili in Tongan is 'family'.

Reading Together®
A research-based programme aiming to help parents and whānau to be active participants in their children's reading at home. Reading Together® is based on a short series of workshops offering training in simple strategies to make reading time fun rather than a time of anxiety, stress and, sometimes, anger. Please contact us for more information about our parents groups in Auckland and Hutt Valley starting in August 2020.

Posted: Wednesday 19 August 2020