Reading Together® at Glenbrook School

The following parent comments (from 2019) regarding the Reading Together® programme at Glenbrook School are sourced from here:

"Love this programme as it has helped me with new ways to read to my child. Also has helped me to understand how hard it is for children to learn to read."
"A really good programme, especially as I am a first time school mum so it gives a good introduction to reading in a school session."
"My method of reading with my child has changed. I no longer pressure him into 'he should' know the word, instead I let him take his time and find his own way of discovering the words."
"It has given me new ideas to helping my child with his reading. It's also been a real eye opener to just how difficult reading really is and has made me understand it. This programme has really given me confidence."
"This programme was very important to me about my child cause my son big change for me about his reading."
"This programme help me a lot, now I have learnt that it is very good to off the TV whenever we want to read."
"I found this programme really helpful. It's helped a lot not only for my child but for myself as well. I have a lot of patience and now my child loves to read."

April 2016

The following 6 April 2016 comments regarding Reading Together® at Glenbrook School are sourced from here:

Reading Together
Next term Glenbrook School will be running an exciting series called Reading Together. This was last run a few years ago and is a great opportunity offered again. ...
Parent Comment:
"I think that the programme is excellent, relaxed and friendly - should be compulsory for all parents. I only wish that it was around when my other two children were at primary school."

August 2016
Quoting from Term 3 Tirohanga Newsletter available here:

The first Reading Together programme was hugely successful last term. ...

October 2016
Quoting from Parent Feedback about the Reading Together® programme sourced from here:

"Understanding the process of the children's learning to read has really helped me to be more patient with my daughter."
"Before the workshop it was a real struggle to read together now we have made it into an enjoyable experience each day."
"It was a really great programme."
"Session 3 had a lot of 'lightbulb' moments for me - really helped me appreciate what the kids see when they try to read."
"Reinforced the importance of reading."
"Valuable programme where it's just good to hear that there are other parents in the same boat with children struggling with reading - makes you feel not so alone."
"I wish these skills taught were available when teaching my first to read rather than the last. Would have made the process a lot easier over the years."
"This course is great for new parents learning to deal with school and homework."
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Posted: Thursday 12 December 2019