Reading Together® at Hawera Primary School

The following feedback from parents who have participated in Reading Together® at Hawera Primary School is sourced from here:

I enjoyed spending that 20 or 30 minutes one on one together, more patient with looking at words. More workshops please.

My child joins in reading when I read a book and it has helped us to both remain calm while we read, it is good to know that it is ok to help, give them more time before giving them the word and to use the pictures to help get ideas.

Definitely needing to spend more time reading with our children and encouraging them. Dad is reading more with the children. It has helped me to stop and look at other ways to support and encourage reading. I have gained more confidence and knowledge with reading.

In 2013, the South Taranaki Star published an article titled 'Parents get the word on reading' (13 June 2013), available here. Extracts from the article follow:

Helping your child learn to read can be exhausting and frustrating but one Hawera school is working to reinject the fun.
Hawera Primary School are the latest educators to sign on for the Reading Together programme. ...
Workshop Leader Rachael Hokopaura said it was an issue that often faced families.
"It's the little things like how and when to tell a child a word," she said.
"Sometimes more damage can be done than good. It shouldn't be stressful, [reading] should be fun."
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Posted: Thursday 4 October 2018