Reading Together® at Kaiapoi Borough School

The following 20 August 2019 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Kaiapoi Borough School are sourced from here:

This term we are running the very successful Reading Together® workshops. This is a series of four workshops that show you how best to support your child to become a good reader. A number of our parents have attended the workshops when we have run them in the past, and have found the programme extremely helpful, particularly those parents of new entrant and junior school children.
"It has changed the way I view things the kids are learning to do. It was a great course and very helpful."
The programme does not cost you anything but you will get great value out of it. It will certainly help your child to understand what they are reading and help you know exactly what to do to support your child with their reading at home.


The following comments are sourced from the Kaiapoi Borough School Newsletter 23 August 2018:

We invite you to attend the Reading Together® workshops... Parents who have attended these in the past have found them very useful in supporting their child to read. Here are some of the comments from parents who have attended in the past:
"My child grew more confident and enjoyed reading more."
"Highly recommend coming along. Great to read the [Brock] book to understand what our children are going through."
"I now have the ability, understanding and skills to create a positive and meaningful experience for my two boys everyday."
"This programme has made a real difference - reading is a very positive experience for my children, with the help of the workshops."
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Posted: Friday 23 August 2019