Reading Together® at Levin North School

The following 23 August 2018 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Levin North School are sourced from here:

Last year over 25 of our Levin North School parents took part in the series of workshops and as a result, learned how best to support their children to become more effective readers. Their children made HUGE progress in reading very rapidly as a result of everyone being on the 'same page'.

The following 24 May 2018 comments are sourced from here:

As part of supporting students at Levin North School in Literacy, we offer a FREE course known as Reading Together. ...  Previous participants said:
"The sessions developed our understanding of how difficult it can be for …"
"I'm glad I participated, more parents should!"
"Reading Together had made a huge difference to us in how to help our child"
"Made reading relaxing and fun rather than a chore!"

May 2018 comments from Emma Hansen (Teacher and Reading Together® Workshop Leader):

This programme is a great opportunity to give parents additional support and ways to help their children with reading. I've also had several parents repeat the course! :-)

The following 29 March 2017 comments regarding the Reading Together® programme at Levin North School are sourced from here:

The amazing Reading Together course starts again next week at our school. Thanks to the HUGE number of parents and caregivers who have indicated that they will give it a go. As I have said before, it is one of those courses that has an enormous impact on the achievement of children as the home and school work together!
Some of our students have made two year's progress in six months as a result of their parents doing the course and following up on what they learned at home.

The following 30 October 2014 comments are sourced from here:

Reading Together ‐ Worth its Weight in Gold!!
This week I am including some feedback from whanau and Teacher Aides who were part of the two series of Reading Together workshops that Emma Woods took at our school last term. ...
I was summarising the feedback for our Board of Trustees meeting next Monday night and it made such amazing reading that I thought I would create a word cloud to share some of the things parents said. ...
"This course has been amazing. Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity."
"Keep this programme up! So many parents will benefit from this programme. But must admit I'm finding it a lot easier reading with my daughter now that I understand what they see." ...
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Posted: Friday 24 August 2018