Reading Together® at Lynmore Primary School

The Reading Together® programme has been implemented at Lynmore Primary School in Rotorua, and the 2 June 2023 Lynmore School Newsletter contains feedback on page 16. Excerpts from the School Newsletter follow:


The last of our four Reading Together® workshops was held this week. A huge thank you to the whānau who participated. It was so wonderful to have so many engaged and willing participants. 

Some feedback includes:

  • I now have a more consistent approach and timetable to the home learning and literacy time, be it a shared book or a home reading/learning activity.
  • My child seems happier and I have some strategies to support her.
  • Knowing how to give good specific feedback was useful.
  • As an adult I am now more engaged while we are reading together. I have some ideas of how to maintain my child's interest and involve them when reading together.
  • Both myself and my child have an improved attitude towards our home learning and it is more enjoyable for the both of us.
  • Understanding that developing vocabulary is very important especially as a second language family.
  • Being reminded of how difficult it is to learn to read was empowering.
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Posted: Tuesday 6 June 2023