Reading Together® at Nawawi Center

Nawawi Center will be implementing the Reading Together® programme in October and November 2020, as announced here. Excerpts from the Reading Together® announcement:

Reading Together® is a gold standard, research-based workshop programme which helps parents/whānau to provide effective support for their children's reading – recommended by the Ministry of Education.

Our programme aims to teach parents and whānau how to read to (in any language) and talk with their children in ways that build a love of reading and build a strong language and literacy foundation, plus improve relationships between children and parents.

The programme involves a series of 75-minute workshops that teach simple strategies for making reading time a pleasure rather than one of anxiety and stress.

The following excerpt is from the Nawawi Center About Us webpage:

Nawawi Center is a not-for-profit Muslim grassroots organization founded in 2008 that aims to bring people together, advocate peace and build a stronger community in Christchurch.
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Posted: Wednesday 28 October 2020