Reading Together® at Newtown School

Here are some comments from parents, children and teachers about how Reading Together® has changed their thinking about home reading:

"He reads all the time now, all the signs and notices when we are out: he never used to do that."
"We are away, but I am using all the techniques I learned on the course and it's going really well."
"I realized what I was doing, making him sound out the words, is not always the best way."
"I tried to teach my children the same way I learned, repeating the words after the teacher, but the course showed us another way"
"I now like reading with my mum." (Child)
"We talk a lot more about the book and the story." (Child)
"Her parents are filling in the yellow home reading book more frequently now." (Teacher)
"One child has progressed five reading levels in seven weeks, two four levels, and two three levels. More importantly all the children who participated see themselves as successful readers now." (Teacher)

Acknowledgement: Our thanks to Sarah Taverner at Newtown School for sharing these comments.

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Posted: Sunday 26 May 2013