Reading Together® at Ohaeawai Primary School

Ohaeawai Primary School first implemented the Reading Together® programme several years ago. At that time, the school librarian said in a video available via the National Library website:

We've been really pleased to be a part of the Reading Together® programme.
It's been very, very successful in this school. Right from the beginning the library was the main focus for the whole programme.
All the meetings were in the library and I was a key part of delivering information and helping parents choose books. ...
It's just lovely, they really... it has made a huge difference to the children having parents involved, and it's made a huge difference to the parents; knowing how to approach books, what books to choose. I think a lot of parents were a little out of their depth.


In the second term of 2022, Ohaeawai Primary School implemented the Reading Together® workshops, and posted about it on their Facebook page. An excerpt from a 12 June 2022 post:

Reminder, tomorrow we have our 3rd Reading Together® workshop in the library 2:45pm for all Year 1 whānau. We will be looking at our library books and how they can help oral literacy at home. We have our special guest librarian Aimee joining us too.

An excerpt from a 27 June 2022 post:

This afternoon is our final Reading Together® workshop for Year 1 whānau, 2:45pm in the library. Your children can play at school with Mrs Edwards while we meet. We will be talking about strategies to read with children at home. Everyone who comes today gets to choose a book with their child to keep and is in the draw for petrol vouchers. We hope to see you there!


Ohaeawai Primary School has been implementing the Reading Together® programme in 2024, with the fourth workshop being completed in April in the library:

We have thank you gifts for those who come along and voucher draw prizes 😊
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Posted: Friday 12 April 2024