Reading Together® at Owhata Primary School

The following 23 August 2023 comments are sourced from an Owhata Primary School Facebook post:

As promised, our second round of Reading Together® starts next term.

Owhata School Reading Together® 2023

Would you like the skills to support your child's reading progress?
Would you like to meet like-minded whānau who have the same aspirations?
Do you want to see a boost in your child's reading confidence?

Whaea Callie and Sian Twiddy (Across School Literacy Specialist) are working together to provide a Reading Together® programme that will support our whānau who want to build reading skills and confidence at home. We will provide some resources and a complimentary fuel voucher to help with whānau attendance. The expectation is that whānau attend all 4 sessions in order to complete the programme and to gain the maximum benefits.

March 2023

The following 9 March 2023 comments are sourced from the Owhata Primary School Facebook page:

A huge thanks to our whānau who came to our Reading Together® sessions today. We had such a great response and two awesome groups of whānau in attendance at session 1 and session 2. Ka mau te wehi!

Reading Together® is a programme that supports reading in the home where we equip whānau with the tools and skills to ensure reading is enjoyable, scaffolded and meaningful...

Thanks to Sian for facilitating, we enjoyed your kōrero and sharing of your knowledge and skills.

Thanks Whaea Ren & Whaea Max for the lovely kai. Thanks Whaea Sue for making sure we were organised and all set to go!

Although this group is now full, we are planning another intake early next term. Keep an eye out on our pages for updates!

Arohanui ❤️

Owhata Primary School Steph Sharp Carole and Robyn and co have done an amazing job with RT over the years! ❤️


The following 5 March 2020 comments are sourced from this Owhata Primary School Facebook page:

Reading Together® is a great programme for whānau who want tips and ideas about how to help your tamariki learn to read. It is enjoyable and we provide you with a kete of books to read at home. Reading plays a big part in accessing the wider curriculum areas.

Steph Sharp Such a great program 👌🏼


The following 16 Sept 2019 comments are sourced from the Owhata Primary School Facebook page:

Message from Whaea Carole about Reading Together®. A wonderful programme that empowers whānau to support their tamariki in learning to read. Whaea Carole runs a great workshop! Come along for more info!

Steph Sharp Sign me up! I'd love to do this workshop again. I learned so much from the last one ❤


The following 22 Sept 2018 comments are sourced from the Owhata Primary School Facebook page:

Some news and a special interview! Ka pai. The team are promoting our Reading Together® programme, and asking [ex-pupil and netball player] Erena Mikaere a few questions. If you are interested in Reading Together®, email Whaea Carole Pearce...

The video is available on Facebook here.

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Posted: Monday 28 August 2023