Reading Together® at Parkland School

Feedback from Jacqueline Tanner (Middle Team Teacher), Parkland School, Palmerston North:

I love using your Reading Together® programme. I see a huge difference in how much children enjoy reading and a difference in parents and children's confidence.

Feedback from parents participating in the Reading Together® programme at Parkland School:

Homework is now a lot less stressful or stressless.
Their child wants to read at home and reading becomes a positive time enjoying books together.
Reading at home is now fun and something both them and their family enjoy.
Parents/caregivers are more aware of constructive ways of supporting reading.
Parents/caregivers are clearer that their role is to encourage their child to read and enjoy books together, rather than their child "getting it right" and reading "word perfect".

Acknowledgement: Our thanks to Jacqueline Tanner, Parkland School for sharing this feedback.

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Posted: Wednesday 5 February 2020